Nuclear winter is coming: Fears grow of global catastrophe

Game of Thrones fans have expressed fears that the ongoing nuclear standoff between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un will bring about Armageddon before the eighth and final season of the fantasy epic hits our television screens.

“I live in fear every day that we will never find out who will sit upon the Iron Throne at the end of the series,” said one concerned fan, Mrs Denise Parker from Belfast to the Daily Slabber today. “I am starting to lose my hair with the worry of it all. This could truly be the end of the world, plus global nuclear destruction as well.”

Said another, Lisa Pryce from Donegal, “Look, I know it’s asking too much for the world to still be around when George RR Martin is finished writing The Winds of Winter in 2050 when he is aged 102, but can those two lunatics Trump and Kim not just find the humanity within themselves to publicly come out and declare no total destruction of the earth before the Westeros tv saga ends?

“Then they can work the fuck away for all I care,” she finished.