Six Million Dead Across Ireland In Hunocaust Disaster

Six million people all across Ireland, almost the entire population of the country north and south, are now known to have laughed themselves to death in the past few years at loyalist spokesman Willie Frazer’s daily Facebook videos in which he alleges that the Protestant people of Northern Ireland are daily suffering genocide every day that the Union flag isn’t raised over Belfast City Hall.

Countless whole families have been wiped out after crowding around the computer to laugh at one or another of his strongly accented diatribes about the ‘genocidal mordor by thramps’ that is the continuing refusal by the city council to fly the flag 365 days a year, which Mr Frazer continually compares to the suffering of Europe’s Jewish community during World War II.

“This is a disaster in modern times of an unprecedented scale,” confirmed a Red Cross official earlier today during an appeal the organisation made to Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg to ban Mr Frazer from the site in order to stop any more people laughing themselves to death at his videos. “The man’s video messages are so wired to the moon, and the man himself so comically unaware of himself that they are dangerous in the extreme for any even mildly reasonable person to view,” he went on. “Any mention from Willie Frazer’s mouth of what we are calling ‘The Hunocaust’ is liable to induce such unstoppable laughter in people that they will have died from heart related problems within minutes of consumption of just one video.”

He added: “Oh Willie Frazer, you and your Hunocaust. What a gas.”

Mr Frazer responded to the Red Cross appeal by accusing them of being Hunocaust deniers and claiming that this latest act of what he wrote on his Facebook profile was ‘aunty prodestaunt savigry’ (sic) had ‘mordored’ 100 million Ulster Protestants this Sunday alone.