Game of Thrones season 8 leaked already shock

In what will come as a devastating blow to HBO, Game of Thrones season 8 has been leaked onto the internet in its entirety even before filming of the final season of the fantasy epic begins.

“This just is the green diarrhoea icing on the top of the multi-layered shit cake for us this year when it comes to leaks,” admitted president of the network Casey Bloys. “We’d been prepared for this news though, it’s just the natural next step on from all those other Game of Thrones leaks earlier this year.”

Loyal fans who don’t wish to watch the pirated episodes and want to avoid spoilers have vowed to stay off all social media and live in complete seclusion until the season airs on tv, expected to be sometime around spring 2019; although most fan of the series that we spoke to said they will be very happy to stream the leaked episodes. “Let’s face it,” said one, “there’s fucks chance the human race will still be around come spring 2019 with Donald Trump as president of America.”

Final season spoiler alert: Everyone dies in a zombie nuclear apocalypse.