Conor McGregor challenges Hurricane Ophelia to 12-round sumo match

As Ireland prepares to suffer the 80mph winds of Hurricane Ophelia, Ultimate Fighting Championship superstar Conor McGregor has challenged the storm to step into the sumo ring with him in order to prove its worth in a 12-round combat contest.

“Fook this overhyped breeze, it ain’t nuttin. I’ll hit it so hard it will find itself blowing on Jupiter” said McGregor at a press conference held earlier to announce his latest call-out to what some might say will prove to be yet another superior opponent after boxer Floyd Mayweather defeated him in their August bout.

“I’ll fight anyone or anything anywhere and in any style,” boasted the millionaire brawler. “That last fight with Mayweather was just me finding my feet outside mixed martial arts, that’s why it didn’t go so well but this time I will be better prepared. I am willing to put on 20 stone in weight and meet this Hurricane Ophelia joker in the sumo ring just to show I can beat anyone at any game. Is this wind up to the challenge I set it or is it just going to keep blowing and wailing like an old banshee? I am sumo. Ophelia is nuttin, it is finished. I am the future of sumo.”