Loyalist man make post on internet

A loyal man has make big clever post on internety thing. The loyal man, name ‘Big’ Trev Brown, make post on wall of Facebook cave. It say “Me no like pope. Pope won’t come get united Ireland cos Big Trev an all loyal men won’t let pope do. Ulster is no surrender British you popes no right to it. Go out of Ulster go home to Ireland.”

Big Trev say he going to keep make same post on Irish News and Belfast Telegraph Facebook cave walls until all pope fans stop want united Ireland. “Me make posts every day on them walls to tell pope no surrender. Me no like pope cos pope in IRA,” say Big Trev to Daily Slabber. “Me and other loyal men always on to make big debate good very clever loyalists become in eyes of pope fans an they stop ask for united Ireland because we very big brains too big for them.”

“Still better written than any of my books,” admitted Jamie Bryson earlier on Twitter.