Trump to release JFK assassination files: Claims Obama was the shooter in the Book Depository

US President Donald Trump has unexpectedly ordered the release of hitherto classified documents on the JFK assassination, making the sensational claims that they will show that former president Barack Obama along with Hillary Clinton were behind the 1963 murder.

“The whole ‘Lee Harvey Oswald did it’ thing was a big lie from the start, the conspiracy theorists were so correct,” Trump told Fox News. “It was all to protect Obama and Hillary, who were the real shooters. They wanted to clear the way for their own political careers.  Obama opened fire from the Book Depository and Hillary Clinton was the mysterious second shooter witnesses reported seeing on the grassy knoll. It was a whole big cover up from the start, the biggest cover up ever. I have read the documents and they will be released this week, totally unadulterated from when I received them, I swear. Oswald was totally innocent and unfairly maligned, just like me.”

Donald trump is 71.

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