‘Can’t they all just learn to get along down there’ sneer condescending Nordies as Dublin gangland violence continues

What is wrong with those people?” asked Thomas McAuley, a 43 year old man from the Falls Road who spoke to the Daily Slabber today after yet another gangland shooting death hit Dublin. “Really, they need to start learning to get along with one another instead of killing each other all the time. We in the north left that sort of stuff behind years ago; it really is such a backward place across the border. Do they even know what they’re fighting about any more or is it just bred into them from birth? I personally wouldn’t put a foot across the border for fear of my own safety.”

Another person we spoke to, 54 year old Martin Finnegan from Crossmaglen, was also scathing of what he called “the regressive savagery of that place across the border”. Went on Martin: “It’s like a war zone down there, sure what century are they living in at all? It’s such an embarrassment for the rest of us Irish up here who just want to live peaceful lives. Dear God what must the rest of the world think of us when they hear of that stuff going on all the time down there. Thank goodness that border is there to protect us from those madmen.”

The Daily Slabber tried to speak with a Dublin resident to get their view on the subject but found that they were all either dead from gunshot wounds or else in jail for gangland violence.