Top of the Poppies: Willie Frazer wins prize for most patriotic poppy

Prominent loyalist spokesman Willie Frazer has said it is the proudest moment of his life to be awarded with the annual UK-wide ‘Most Patriotic Poppy’ prize for 2017.

Mr Frazer was given the award for wearing a specially designed giant metal poppy of five feet in height and weighing five and a half stone and which he has had fastened to his suit. Vowing to now wear the prize-winning poppy all year round “even if it breaks my body to do so”, Mr Frazer said that he was up against some stiff competition and that it came down to the wire between him and a man from Sussex who had stapled a crown of poppies to his head and for two weeks sat in a bath filled with the blood of slaughtered lambs which symbolised all the innocent blood shed on Flanders Field. Mr Frazer also revealed that for next year’s competition he plans to have an even bigger metal poppy made which he will wear on his back like a shell and crawl around like a tortoise for the whole month leading up to Remembrance Day.

The winning of the coveted award marks a stark turnaround in poppy-related fortunes for Mr Frazer who said his whole Remembrance Day last year “was ruined” after a practical joker sprayed him in the face with water from a joke poppy which he was wearing on his lapel.

Breaking news: Frazer says he has evidence republicans plan to target his giant metal poppy with enormous magnet to suck him over to Crossmaglen. More as this story develops