Both Pierce Brosnan and Gerry Adams deny being Gerry Adams

Gerry Adams has denied that the Gerry Adams-type character in the Pierce Brosnan-starring film ‘The Foreigner’ which has just been released onto Netflix is based on him.

“The character in that film can’t be based on me as I deny being Gerry Adams,” said Gerry Adams. “I’m just simply not him, although I have met him on a few occasions.”

Pierce Brosnan reacted to Mr Adams’ denial by himself denying that he played a Gerry Adams-type figure in the film, saying “I didn’t base any character of mine on Gerry Adams at all simply because that wasn’t me in that terrible film, it was someone else entirely. It may have been Gerry Adams himself. Go speak to him about it.”

When told of Pierce Brosnan’s own denials, Gerry Adams again denied being Gerry Adams and said that anyhow the character in the film couldn’t have been based on Gerry Adams as the film Gerry Adams had definitely been in the IRA while the real Gerry Adams had definitely not been. “But anyway, why are you asking me about this as, again, I’m not Gerry Adams,” said Gerry Adams. “If you want to speak to the real Gerry Adams go find him someplace else. Although if I was Gerry Adams and I thought for a moment that the film Gerry Adams was based on Gerry Adams I’d be very disappointed in the way Pierce Brosnan played him. He seems to have based his character and accent more on the Harry Enfield Gerry Adams who appeared at the end of his famous ‘William Ulsterman’ sketch than the real Gerry Adams.”

Gerry Adams was not available for comment.