White House unswayed on decision to officially recognise Jerusalem as seat of American governance

The White House has said that it is still standing firm in its decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of the United States even after a disastrous week at the United Nations which seen the world body refuse to support by a large majority Donald Trump’s controversial ruling.

A Trump administration spokesman said that the President won’t be cowed by international pressure to keep the seat of American governance officially in Washington DC and that President Trump was just openly recognising what everyone knows has been a reality for decades now, that is that the political capital of America is in Jerusalem. The spokesman added that the plans to physically move the White House and both houses of Congress to Israel are now underway “so we can be closer to the people who tell us what to do and move to do it faster when they issue commands to us.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed the restated resolve from the Trump administration, saying that a two state solution between America and Israel could not be possible now because of all the permanent Israeli settlements built in Washington and that only a one state solution will do.