Belfast Zoo puts newly acquired Bunting on display

Belfast Zoo says it is hoping for a steady increase in visitor numbers after it put on display today a newly acquired Bunting.

The Bunting was captured by zoo officials working with the PSNI after police officers responded to reports of a large wild animal growling and beating its chest in the vicinity of Belfast City Hall. Although the police wanted to use their guns to take down the Bunting because of fears for public safety, zoo officials persuaded them to let them tranquilise it instead and brought the doped animal back to the city zoo.

The new Bunting is said to be getting on well with the other animals in its enclosure, and a zoo spokeswoman said a throng of visitors today had loved watching it stuff half a dozen unpeeled bananas into its mouth at once, and that children squealed with delight after it defecated on its hands and threw the excrement at the glass case separating it from the viewing public.

The zoo says it is also hoping to capture a Fransen and a Golding, two animals which have been spotted in Belfast in recent times and which the zoo would very much like to add to their collection.