Political shock as Piers Morgan rips mask off POTUS to reveal Trump was being played all along by satirist Chris Morris

American politics was rocked to its core today when, during a televised interview with the President of the United States, Piers Morgan ripped off Donald Trump’s rubber mask to reveal that Trump had all along been a character conceived and played by the genius satirist Chris Morris.

“Ok, you’ve got me, but I’d already made my point,” admitted Morris, saying that he created the Donald Trump character and entered American politics as part of a new series of his celebrated ‘Brass Eye’ television show, never dreaming that he’d get so far with his “fucking ridiculous” creation. “I really shouldn’t have underestimated the unfathomable fuckwittery of the voters though,” sighed the comedian.

The shocks continued as an angry soundman then ripped off Piers Morgan’s mask to reveal that the Morgan character too was being played by Chris Morris, this time in another of his savage attacks on the absurdity of mainstream media figures.