‘Frazer’ actor dies after attempt at comedy video mocking Gerry Kelly clamp incident falls flat

The world of humour is in mourning today following the death of William Frazer, much-loved star of the hit comedy series ‘Frazer’ about the man who needs a psychiatrist.

William, who was 57, just completely died in a video released on his official Facebook page and in which he tried to play out in a satirical style the recent incident where Gerry Kelly used a bolt cutter to free his car from a wheel clamp. “It was terrible to witness,” said one comedy critic to the Daily Slabber. “One minute he was there as the greatest comedy star Northern Ireland has ever thrown up, the next thing he died right on our screens, just like that. I think I might have died as well watching that video. Am I dead? I’m talking to you so I might not be but I feel like I actually am.”

Despite the ignominious end to his comedy career, William Frazer will always be fondly remembered for the many, many, many laughs he gave his devoted audience, and his trademark “Thramps!” and “It was the IRA that done it” catchphrases will be forever repeated by faithful fans of his long-running comic series.