‘Jayzus – there’s snow outside!’ posts quare and useful cunt on Facebook

A quare and useful cunt from Tyrone has posted on Facebook to let people know that it is snowing.

The helpful bastard, 45 year old Tom McLarty from the village of Buckyasista, shared his astonishing finding with his Facebook friends and even went to the bother of posting a recent photograph he had taken from his window along with the caption ‘luk at dis if u dont believe me!’

A neighbour and Facebook friend who phoned the Daily Slabber’s offices to tell us about Tom’s amazing fucking revelation says that “while Tom is usually as much use as tits on a bull, all the hoor does is spend his life scrubbing fegs from people and mugging them into buying him pints of beer that he never once buys back, it’s at times like this that you remember how indispensable the cunt really is. There was another time, I remember, when there was a tara heat wave on, the sweat was bateing off us all in the fields all day and he kept walking up to people he knew and stopping them at their work so’s he could go ‘Hey boy – it’s hot!’. It was then that the whole fucking village knew that we couldn’t do without him, and today he has earned his keep in fegs and pints again.”