International Women’s Day celebrates women finally becoming as shite as men

On International Women’s Day today, women worldwide can celebrate that they have now come as far as men in politics, becoming every bit as shit, corrupted, hateful and evil as their male counterparts.

While war mongering, picking on the poorest and weakest in society, inciting racist violence and getting elected by appealing to the bigoted, regressive and ignorant vote used to be the sole preserve of men, pioneers like Margaret Thatcher came along and smashed that glass ceiling, proving that women could be just as big a bunch of cunts in power if given half a chance. Now another female British Prime Minister is showing that she too is the equal of her erstwhile male prime ministerial colleagues, easily rivalling David Cameron for shiteness, and Tony Blair for sheer cuntiness.

And while, sadly, the 2016 US presidential election put into the White House a male power-mad, war-mongering, apartheid state-arming friend of brutal dictators and murderous regimes, the popular vote was won by Hillary Clinton, showing that most Americans believe that a woman can crave power, war monger, support apartheid and befriend evil dictators as good as any man. The world can only hope that, if it survives Trump’s years in office, that the wars after him will be started by a woman next time around!

Move over, Hitler, you’re so last century – it’s ‘Heil Eva’ this time round! Women: Finally proven to be every bit as shite as men.