Stephen Hawking death: Nelson McCausland attacks famous scientist for getting age of universe wrong

Nelson McCausland has reacted to the death of world-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking by calling him an “over-rated junk scientist who had no idea what he was on about.”

Mr McCausland said that Professor Hawking “should have attended school more often, and by school I mean Sunday evening Bible classes, and then he might not have been so ignorant about the origins of the universe and its workings.”

Went on the DUP man, “I tried to read this so-called ‘scientific genius’s’ book on the supposed origin and history of the cosmos, ‘A Brief History of Time’ he called it, but I found myself flinging it into the rubbish bin in disgust at Hawking’s childish ignorance. He tried to propagate these mad theories about the universe somehow being billions of years old and having been formed through some highly improbable event called ‘The Big Bang,’ whereas the real scientific community has long ago reached the consensus that the universe is a mere 6,000 years old and was formed when God decided to take a week out from ruling in heaven and build it with his bare hands. Real scientists like Ken Ham and even laymen like me who know a bit about the scientific method of measuring time by counting people from the Bible’s ages, laughed at this lunatic fool all throughout his career as he talked out of his own black hole!.”

Nelson McCausland served as the culture minister for Northern Ireland from 2009 until 2011.