Sinn Fein offers ‘heartfelt forgiveness’ to victims of 1973 Coleraine bombing

Sinn Fein have offered the six elderly victims of the 1973 Coleraine bombing their ‘heartfelt forgiveness’ amid a row in the Causeway Coast and Glens Council about a memorial to the dead pensioners.

“We forgive them,” said Sinn Fein councillor Kieran Mulholland, “and to show how much we mean it we have decided to amend the motion calling for a memorial to the bombing to include on it our declaration of forgiveness.”

Councillor Mulholland described the subsequent defeat of the Sinn Fein amendment as “an atrocity.” Said the councillor: “This is actually worse than the bombing itself. I’m going to table a motion calling for a memorial to be built to recognise the suffering Sinn Fein have endured on this issue.” He later confirmed that his proposed memorial would not include the names of the six innocent murder victims.