Campbell hits out at McDonald: “Londonderry is a much better city than Derry is”

Gregory Campbell has angrily hit out at Sinn Fein leader Mary-Lou McDonald, rejecting what he said was her “sickening attempt to associate the city of Londonderry with the city of Derry.”

Said Mr Campbell in a blistering attack: “The two places cannot be compared. Derry City is, if you will excuse my blunt language, nothing but a crime-infested fenian hole and a complete cold house for Protestants. I wouldn’t walk through it during the day never mind at night. Londonderry though, despite sharing some letters in its name with Derry, is a million miles away from that place in that it is a safe, clean, thriving and tolerant city that both traditions – that of the Orange Order and the Apprentice Boys – can live side by side in in peace and harmony.”

Went on the DUP man: “Have you ever seen that horror film ‘IT’ about the serial killing demon clown stalking around and killing children in a place called, you’ve guessed it, ‘Derry’? I haven’t seen any horror films about psychotic shape-shifting clowns killing people in Londonderry, because things like that don’t happen here. Only in Derry.”

Gregory Campbell is a member of parliament.