DUP MP David Simpson cites Bible and calls for himself to be executed for adultery

DUP Upper Bann MP David Simpson has called for himself to be put to death for adultery after his affair with a younger woman was exposed.

Said Mr Simpson: “As a devout Free Presbyterian and someone who has used a literal interpretation of the Bible throughout his political life to call for the teaching of Young Earth science and creationism in schools and to oppose homosexual marriage, it now behoves me to step forward and cite Leviticus 20:20 which states that ‘If a man commits adultery, both the adulterer and the adulteress shalt be put to death’. This is the unalterable law of God almighty and refers to the stoning to death of the sinners. So I now ask that I and the harlot with whom I was fornicating with be brought to just outside the limits of my home village of Annaghmore and pelted with large stones by the righteous until we are dead and justice is seen to be done in the sight of the Lord. To ask less than this would make me one of the hypocrites that the Saviour warned against so vehemently.”